Fall Lawn Weed and Feed

weed feedThe Autumn Season for Winter Protection

Growing lawns respond well to cultivation, which improves the soil fertility and overall soil quality. Fall lawn weed and feed is an important times of the year for the cultivation and establishing your lawn. To prepare them for the harsh temperatures of the winter. Here is the most important lawn cultivation task, de-thatching compacted soil, core aeration, apply top dressing, correcting soil Ph, to mention a few.


Taking enough time to fertilize during the fall will strengthen our plants and the lawn’s root, providing them with a strong base on which to thrive for next spring. The first task to accomplish to have the right knowledge of the fertilizer formulation. These are represented b the 3 digits in a specific ratio which is (5-10-5). The first number stands for NITROGEN, which promotes the blade, and the second number is represented by PHOSPHORUS, which helps to develops growth of the root. The last digit is represented by POTASSIUM, which is essential proper functionality of the cell and the intake of trace elements. It is preferable to fertilize lawns in the late September and earl October in other to promote the normal growth,

How Much Fertilizer To Use

To figure out the exact amount of fertilizer that will be needed, this can be achieved based on the calculation of the square footage of the garden beds, using his method to determine the amount of the fertilizer you will need to use. Fertilizer will replenish the soil come spring when the plants starts to grow, this will ensure your lawn is stimulated with the growth,  and has enough phosphorus intake to the soil.

Fertilizing in the fall lawn weed and feed, actually depends on the type of grass on the lawn. Some grasses are heat and drought tolerant, but do not do well in colder weather. Some cooler grasses can stay longer without the need for fertilizer to soon in the fall. Too much fertilizer can burn the lawn, the right choice of slow-release organic fertilizer whenever possible. The basic goal of fall fertilizing is to promote the root growth, strong roots gives rises to health feeds.

Fall is also an ideal time to actively combat the growing weeds, using post emergent herbicides. The weeds like any other plants on the lawns spends the fall season competing nutrients with the plants. Due to the increased rate of absorption of the lawn nutrients required, your lawn requires the need for weed-control measures.

Weed and feed lawn products combines fertilizer and weed control into a single application. Before using any of these products, please read the manufacturers directs for use. Always follow directions and apply to home gardens and lawns.

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